You want to prepare for your future. Where do you begin?  Everyone knows you “need” a will, but not everyone knows why. Additioanlly, many people are not aware that other documents such as a Power of Attorney or Health Care Directives, are just as important in ensuring that your loved ones are not burdened when life takes a tragic turn.

When you meet with us to plan your estate, you will be provided with solutions that make sense to you and your family.  We will discuss how you wish to care for your loved ones; who will care for your children in the event of your death; and where you want your money to go. We can help you designate someone who is reliable and trustworthy should you become sick or hospitalized.

Have special circumstances? We specialize in providing custom solutions for our clients. Don't rely on generic, impersonal forms and advice from the internet. Let's work together to find the best plan that makes sense for you and your loved ones.


Every estate protected by a will is required to pass through probate court before execution.

Wills & Estates Legal Services

Making your wishes known begins with constructing a well-written will.

A Last Will and Testament is your opportunity to ensure that your assets will be distributed and utilized the way you intended following your death.

Living Wills
A Living Will states your wishes regarding life support in the event that you are in a coma state and not able to communicate.

It happens to many of us, so there is no need to sugar coat it: A day may come when you can no longer care for yourself and you need someone to assist you in making financial or healthcare decisions. But the problem is, if that day comes and you are in a state where you can’t make day-to-day decisions, how can you know that the person you let help you is the right person?

Easy. Make the decision on who that person is well in advance by preparing a Power of Attorney. Let us help you do it.

Don’t trust your future, and your heirs' inheritance, to a cookie cutter internet form. No one form works for everyone. Come see us and let us tailor an estate plan the suits your needs!


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