Attorney Prosser understands that every family law case is different and has its own nuances. In an appointment with Attorney Prosser you can be assured that you will discuss both the legal as well as the practical implications of the actions that you choose to take in pursuing your rights.

At our law office, our families are as important to us as yours are to you. We understand that if your family is not happy, healthy, and ultimately intact, no other legal "victory" matters. Every action we take as YOUR lawyer is made with a mind to allowing you, and your family, to survive, thrive, and ultimately heal from the terrible and devastating consequences that divorce and custody cases bring.

Attorney Prosser has over 20 years experience handling the most complex and difficult divorce and custody cases imaginable. During those years he has personally handled over 3000 family law matters. He is frequently referred the most difficult cases by his peers. In addition, he has devoted over 300 hours to continuing education in complex family law matters and parent coordination training.

Family Law Services

It hasn’t happened to everyone, but if it happens to you, things will never be the same. How you come out of a divorce is often a direct result of how you go into it. As your attorneys, we will ensure that you walk through your divorce with your eyes wide open. We will explain your rights, your responsibilities and your chances for success in any action you decide to take – all while coaching you on how to present your very best case and cheering you on to get you through the emotional turmoil the destruction of a divorce can bring.

No area of the law brings emotions to the forefront like a custody battle. Your kids are the most important thing to you, which makes them the most important thing to us. When it comes to custody, we don’t play games. We don’t sugar coat things. And we don’t let you make mistakes. Custody may be the only area of the law where your case never seems to end, but you rarely get a second chance. Let us help you understand the rules, navigate the system, and present your best possible case to protect the best interest of your children – from the very beginning!

Perhaps nothing is more frustrating for separated couples than dealing with issues of support. There is probably no area of family law where EACH party walks away dissatisfied as often as they do in support court. In this economic climate, where everyone is watching every penny, it is entirely natural for one party to feel that they are not getting enough financial help, while at the very same time the other party feels that they are being drained and left with nothing. We will help you manage the expectations and frustrations of this system – all while putting you in the best possible position to make the numbers work for you!

Sometimes practicing Family Law can be enjoyable – and that is most true when we handle an adoption. But just because it is a joyous occasion, that doesn’t mean that you can hire just any attorney to have it done – because one thing you DO NOT want is a mistake in an adoption case. Our focus in representing you in your adoption will be to ensure that NOTHING goes wrong that can upset that joyous day – either on the day of the hearing or any time in the future!

Sometimes life does not work out quite like you thought it would, and you realize that the best thing that you can do for your child is to remove a negative influence from their life. When that negative influence is the child’s other parent, you need solid legal advice to guide you. If that time comes, we will guide you through the process, explain the applicable laws, and provide the options that will allow you, and more importantly your child, to close a bad chapter of your child’s life and start a new one with a more loving and caring parent.

Attorney Prosser has been a Guardian Ad Litem (a "GAL" is an attorney who represents children and defends and protects their best interests) his entire career. He was first appointed as a GAL in private custody cases through the Court. Because of his unique skill set he was awarded a contract through the local Children and Youth Services office where he became the GAL for all dependent children in our system.

Whether he is defending children as a GAL, or representing parents in private divorce and custody actions, Attorney Prosser always puts the needs and concerns of the children involved in his cases above all else.


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