Attorney Prosser has extensive trial experience in all criminal law matters. Early in his career he worked as an assistant public defender, sometimes handling 30 to 40 criminal cases per month. As a result, he has now handled thousands of criminal matters in the adult and juvenile system and carries with him the considerable experience that can only be attained by representing defendants through long and arduous criminal trials.

Now, Attorney Prosser devotes himself entirely to private criminal clients. Attorney Prosser is the ONLY attorney in Perry County that practices criminal law that accepts NO public defender appointments. This allows Attorney Prosser the necessary time to concentrate exclusively on YOUR case. It also allows Attorney Prosser to represent you aggressively.

Attorney Prosser specializes in juvenile criminal law matters. He has extensive experience in the interplay between juvenile probation matters and juvenile dependency matters. Attorney Prosser has seen how missteps made at a young age can have devastating and long term consequences into adulthood, and emphasizes the need for youth who become involved in the criminal justice system to discuss their case, in full, with qualified legal counsel.

Criminal Law Services

Attorney Prosser has extensive trial experience in firearm offenses, violent criminal offenses, theft, drug offenses and DUI. Attorney Prosser previously attained the necessary requirements to be "death qualified" in homicide cases in 2002.

Attorney Prosser treats every criminal matter, whether defending you on a traffic ticket or against a felony criminal charge with the same deference and respect due to you as the client.

Chances are that if you are one of the 1,500,000 people who get a DUI this year – you’ve never been charged with a crime before in your life. And the chances are equally good that you won’t ever again. DUI is the most common charge that every day, hard-working people get – but it often has the most serious consequences. Let us advise you on the best way to protect yourself from the civil and criminal penalties of a DUI – allowing you to get this matter behind you once and for all.

Most traffic incidents happen in an instant – the police lights come on behind you before you even know what you did wrong. But make no mistake – the police officer will be more than happy to tell you how you messed up when you get to court. Let us tell you how you can avoid the most severe consequences those momentary lapses can bring.

One mistake can ruin your child’s future. The best way to deal with it? Head on, with an emphasis on making things rights, and rehabilitating the mistake. Come talk to us so that we can help your child avoid the dismal future that can come from those juvenile mistakes and errors in judgment.


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